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We take pride in our innovative technological advancements, putting us above the rest of our competitors. As we develop and advance trading throughout Africa, trust that RocketX is leading the Industry when it comes to effective and forward-thinking technology.

Why RocketX

At RocketX, we are passionate about building up the African economy so that all citizens can enjoy a more inclusive future.

We offer a safe way for people across the continent to access a platform with cutting-edge technology and expert support.

Join our community, and together we can create an inclusive future.

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Move Like a Startup

We stay true to who we are and never get complacent. We aim for transparency in everything we do, from our work ethic to our forex trading.

Results Matter

We're outcome-oriented and measure our success on the results we achieve, not just on the tasks we complete. We know that if we can improve ourselves, we can improve our customers.


We're constantly challenging the status quo, believing that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. We're confident in our ability to overcome any challenge with foresight and ingenuity.


We want to build a future that benefits everyone. Our mission is to help people everywhere enjoy greater financial freedom and inclusion of the world's currencies.


We provide an honest, ethical, and worry-free trading experience. You can trade with confidence, knowing that your investments are secure.


We believe in the power of forex trading to change people's lives. We work hard to make our customer experience as simple as possible, to help forex trading live up to its full potential.


We know forex trading is a team effort. Our expert forex traders work in tandem with our customer support team to make sure forex trading is exactly what you need it to be.

Reach New Heights with RocketX

Our platform is built to serve traders of all levels, from beginner investors to experts. Our vision is to make forex trading accessible for everyone, no matter your level of trading experience.

Reach New Heights with RocketX
We Are Passionate About Afro-optimism

We Are Passionate About Afro-optimism

At RocketX we see forex trading as a means to empower people across Africa. We believe that trading can provide a path to greater financial freedom, access to better educational opportunities, and improved standards of living for those who need it most. We’re enthusiastic about the future of the African continent, and we’re committed to doing our part.

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